We Are Visible: Online Film Screening

About this event

We Are Visible wants to show the full picture of the condition including the complex presentation of symptoms, to the complications while searching for a diagnosis, over misdiagnoses and their harmful consequences, but also the daily challenges EDS patients face, and the differences in accessibility of care depending on the area they live at. The documentary focuses on the one thing that unites all patients: Their never-ending endurance to overcome those obstacles and to thrive. It conveys the hope and strength with which EDS patients fight for a better quality of life and care.

Filmmaker Karina Sturm is inviting the Ehlers-Danlos community to an exclusive screening of her upcoming feature-length film We Are Visible, which shows a variety of people living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and related conditions all around the globe.

Every one of the contributors is fighting for something:

For instance, for a better quality of life, for better treatment options, for their children, for awareness, or simply for survival. EDS patients are not victims; they are powerful individuals.

They are visible!

This event is free and a link to access the movie stream will be sent to all that RSVP.


If you are watching from the UK then the screening time is 7pm

If you are watching from PST or Pacific Time, the screening time is at 11am

You can view trailers and get more info on "We are Visible" Here

*NOTE: This is the  english version of the film and won't feature captions or descriptive audio*



Saturday, Nov 9
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (PST)


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