Health & (un)Wellness Presents Mighty With Migraine

Monday, May 22, 12pm ET

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What's this podcast series about?

Live with a health condition or three? Yeah, so do we. Brought to you by The Mighty, Health & (un)Wellness is a podcast created for and hosted by people who truly get it. Join us for vulnerable deep dives into different mental and physical illnesses. We’ll be sharing lived experiences, knowledge from health care professionals, and patient advocates who, well or unwell, get what it’s like to live with bodies and minds that move through the world a little differently. No matter how you’re feeling today, we’ll travel to meet you — just as you are. Because we’re here for you in sickness and in health.

What's the first season about?

For our first season, Mighty With Migraine, join our hosts Kat and Skye who have over 33 years of migraine pain, er… experience, as they take you through these twelve episodes. From brutal misconceptions to accessibility in the workplace, we are here for it all. When over 1 billion people globally live with the disease, it deserves its spotlight in the shade.

Meet your hosts

Kat Harrison

Kat Harrison is a chronic illness advocate, award-winning author of the children’s book “Migraine and Mia,” and senior Mighty staffer. She’s lived with chronic migraine for 20 years — and boy, it sure does feel like it! She’s also a super fan of sarcasm, coffee in any form, filling her phone’s camera roll with pictures of her rescue dog, and brain pain-friendly headbands.

Skye Gailing

Skyler "Skye" Gailing (she/her) is the editorial and community associate at The Mighty. With an academic background in medical anthropology and American studies, Skye is passionate about using interdisciplinary research to help people tell their stories and, frankly, a data diva. She loves all things trivia, performing arts, and podcasts. Her ideal Sunday morning involves doing the crossword with a large cup of coffee and her dog by her side.