Welcome to Mighty Events

Mighty events are inclusive and accessible spaces that gather The Mighty community around the core ideas of empowerment, connection, decreasing stigma and isolation, teaching each other and of course, having fun with fellow Mighty Members!

What you can do in Mighty Events

These are events dedicated to meeting up with fellow members and mingling, but are also focused on enjoying an experience with your group; playing D & D, cooking together, hiking, making vision boards or even group meditation with your community.
These events are focused on learning or teaching a skill, sharing information, or engaging with your attendees discussing a particular topic/subject in your community. Hackathons, skillshares, speaking engagements, open mics, panels and fireside chats would all be considered workshop type of events.
This is just a brief overview of what Mighty Events entail, as some events have themes that overlap. The goal is to get The Mighty community together around shared experiences and understandings. What they can be is ultimately up to you!
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Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up to become a Mighty Events host?
You can check out our becoming a host application form, fill out the form and we should get back to you as soon as possible. There are quite a few responses, so please bare with us and thank you for patience as we read them all and respond!
Do I need to have event hosting/planning experience to become a host?
Not at all! It definitely helps to have some experience in the past with hosting or throwing an event but it is not required. Having an idea of what event you want to host, along with when and where you want to host it is a great and recommended start when thinking about hosting, however. What do you want to see in your community?
How would you get the word out about my event?
Along with our massive audience across the site, we specifically target the communities and conditions you identify with and speak to through our newsletters, pop ups and social media. As a host you will be given a link to your events page once its ready for you to promote on your own social media channels, email, etc.